Laser Hair Removal And Some Facts

We as human have the ability to perceive things without personally experiencing them, especially when it comes to treatments and cure. We all are aware of laser hair removal treatment but the myths and misconceptions attached to this are stupid and hilarious at the same time. It is important to expose the patients to these facts before they get exposed to the laser for hair removing treatment. For example patients think that laser is a magic wand after which no hair can come back again or, the treatment will show the results at once. We need to understand that different body parts have different hair growth rate and after treatment the results comes accordingly. Some body parts show the result quickly and some a bit late. There as number of myths regarding laser hair removal and any treatment related to it. Laser hair removing involves only the destruction of hair roots, which prevents the hair from growing back to normal position. That’s why it is recommended not to wax or remove hairs before visiting the laser hair removal treatment, because if the hairs are visible at the time of the treatment it will be easier to customize the laser beam according to the thickness and tone of the hair. Browse this website to find out more details.

The darker and thicker the better: those who have thick and dark body hairs are the best patients to be treated by the laser hair removal treatment. As the laser can react properly on the thick ones, although it takes time for the laser to remove thick hairs but, overall the patients with thick hair coat are desirable for laser treatment.

Certain medications are prohibited: laser may react to certain medicines, so it is suggested by the Doctors not to consume medications which have hydroxyl acids. This reaction may increase the cell turnover, as a result patients can experience scaly, dry and more vulnerable skin (irritation from sunlight and all).

Best body parts: although one can go for laser hair removing anywhere on the body (Except for private parts), the best body parts for laser hair removal Melbourne are underarms, upper lips, chest area (bikini) and near chin. Again one can select other body parts as well, but these were the most common and best parts considered for laser hair removal.

Three kinds of laser: Of course we all have different skin tone and body hair color. So accordingly we all need different treatments for our hairs. There are three kinds of laser: DIODE, ALEXANDRITE and Nd: YAG. Each for different hair color and skin type, first one is for the light complexion, second one is for those patients who have a hybrid color (between light and lighter). Than the last one is for the black or tanned skin color.