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Mobile phones have become a part of our life now.  It will be hardly any person can imagine leaving their house without a mobile phone. Now it’s not a necessity it has become a habit and you cannot stay apart from it for long.  But it is an electronic device and the electronic device needs electric energy to run.  One can understand the anxiety level when the mobile batteries are running down and you have nothing to charge them again. In the near past,  to charge their mobile batteries people cancel their plans and have to revert to their homes as they want to be able to spend their time without their mobile.  But now things have changed many portable and mobile charging devices can help you never run out of charge.  Even certain businesses now prefer to have a phone charging station at their premises so that the customers can spend a long time there.

This is not only convenient for the customer but makes perfect business sense as long the customer will stay in their premises will be beneficial for the business.  Here is a list of a few businesses that should have a phone charging station.

Restaurants:  The connection between phone charging stations and restaurants cannot be more justified as usually people spend an hour or two in any restaurant. The phone charging station in a restaurant will extend their stay as they can put their phone on charging and can enjoy their meal.  Also when people will say a phone charging station in a restaurant that will be an attraction that can pull them to enter and sit in the restaurant.  In Australia, the trend of phone charging stations and restaurants is increasing and it is getting beneficial for the restaurant owner

Shopping malls: In Australia, now you will find all the shopping malls that have phone charging stations in one form or another.  The phone charging stations make perfect sense in the shopping mall because any customer coming into a shopping mall, will be spending a minimum of three to four hours and there is a high probability that there will be needing a charging station to recharge their phone battery. The shopping malls are designed to provide convenience to the customer and when the customers can charge their phones and extend their stay in the mall,  can directly impact revenue enhancement.

Airport:  The charging station at the airport can be a breather for the passengers.  The phone charging stations are directly related to the airport because the passengers have to take their flight and they have to ensure that their phones are fully charged before they get on board. This is the reason that now you find many phone charging stations at airports and usually, they are significantly occupied every time.

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