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safe playground equipment

Youngsters will constantly come up with fresh and creative ways to use playground equipment for play. The imagination-boosting benefits of this activity may outweigh any potential risks to their safety. There will be bumps, bruises, and scraped shins, but it’s crucial to take precautions to reduce the possibility of more major injuries.

Although it requires work from everyone connected only with the park the designer the investor to the customer of the play equipment—many school and early years play accidents can be avoided. We provide an emphasis on safe playground equipment and durability while constructing creative and entertaining settings using industry-leading design engineering and high-quality materials.

Criteria for playground safety Australia

  • The maturity level of play areas and venues. Separate play areas are advised by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) for children aged 6 to 23 months, 2 to 5 years, and 5 to 12 years old. To accommodate the various sizes, abilities, and playing types of the age categories using your playground, think about establishing separate play spaces.
  • environmental circumstances. The play area needs to be sufficiently protected from the sun, well-drained, visible from adjacent paths, out of the way of car and bicycle traffic, and isolated from any bodies of water or other potential natural dangers.
  • Equipment layout. Playground equipment needs to be sturdy, long-lasting and designed with protection in mind.
  • Playground layout. Playground usage may be impacted by children’s play habits. To reduce crowded play, your Landscape Designs playground expert can assist in designing the best plan.
  • safeguarding surfacing. This can consist of a great volume of loose stuff, wood fiber rubber mulch, manufactured durable tiles, a unity safety surface, or a mix of these. For the majority of the use zones, a loose-fill material with poured-in-place or rubber-tiled walkways is one practical solution. The additional benefit of this solution is that it makes your (pre)school playgrounds usable for kids who need walkers and other mobility aids.

Our age-appropriate items provide security.

We can assist you in designing your ideal park that complies with playground safety Australia regulations to keep youngsters safe.

proper installation keeps playgrounds secure. Green roofs on the playground, a crawls tunnel, and a poly slide all give shade. Either qualified professionals or volunteers from your school or early child organization can prepare the site and install the safe playground equipment. In addition to reducing costs, a public build project can strengthen ties throughout the neighborhood and install a feeling of ownership and pride in the new play area.

Make sure the following requirements are satisfied to guarantee a secure installation with your group build:

  • The equipment maker provides comprehensive installation instructions. This ought to be in the type of a guide made just for your equipment.
  • Your benefactor and the crews are arranged. Everything is covered in our Manual to Community Build Playgrounds, including how to gather the required supplies, coordinate the volunteers, and create a schedule to aid with the installation.
  • A manufacturer-certified installer is in charge of overseeing your installation.

To find the details of community building initiatives and how to guarantee correct and secure installation, get the Guide to Public Build Playgrounds.

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