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There are several cute animals videos present in the internet like kittens playing with each other, dogs doing something sweet, and pandas sleeping even when they are hanging from a tree. Most of the animal lovers know about these videos and might be following them. There are also different sports involving animals or are exclusively designed for animals (did not refer to the human animal). These sports are often questioned about their ethics because sometimes people get competitive or greedy even in these ventures. There are some people who even bet on these events like they do in a game of basket ball or cricket (which is legal in some and illegal in others).

Sports involving animals

Bull fighting, circus, road side tricks or shows involving animals like monkey, bears and other animals, animal racing (mainly horse racing), rodeo riding are few example of sports involving animals but they also have humans involved in the sports in controlling the animal. This is considered a form of pleasure and entertainment. In olden days, there were hunting parties where the men hunted an animal. Though nowadays, the sports have been tamed down a bit, there are still government approved methods of getting involved in them where the animals are monitored for abuse. For example, if you buy ownership shares of a horse through race horse auctions Victoria, you can look into the horse’s well being and decide on several factor of its racing. There horse racing shares allow ownership of a single horse between two or more people. Apart from that, these sports are also a source of history and culture in certain countries. However, the ethical questions are often unanswered because the animal’s rights are primarily violated by these activities. Several animal activists and lawyers had stated that with a few more rules and regulations, these sports can be equally enjoyable for both humans and animals. But, extremists believe that it would make the game tame and would lose its appeal.

Sports for animals

There are sports for animals which are solely for the animals and animal lover and there are sports for animals which are entertaining for everyone. Cockfighting, dog fighting, hare coursing, fox hunting, orangutan boxing are few examples of sports for animals which entertain everyone. There are dog and cat shows which put these animals and their owners through an obstacle course which is much similar to a beauty pageant but for animals which are considered as sports for animals and animal lovers chiefly. In conclusion, it can be seen that these sports despite being the source of amusement and comical absurdity, there are some great concern expressed by animal activists and lawyers. Therefore, it is important for the government to look into the concerns and safeguard the rights of the animals.